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What I have to offer

I want to bring out your personality in my work

I am all about creating for YOU. I want to cater to you and your personality. My photography style is all about capturing the true you. Through candids and natural shots, I specialize in bringing your personality through a lens. During your shoot, I want you to feel comfortable and to have fun! I am always open to trying new things, I love a challenge. My goal is to help you receive a gallery of images you will love.

Senior photo sessions

In your solo photoshoot, I will work you through the process. I will be sure to help you with poses and ideas to capture you. I want to incorporate your ideas as well to further your experience. My sole priority is to provide you with pictures you love, so your ideas are the best input to my work. 

Group photo sessions

Taking pictures with friends is always fun, and I find it creates a homey environment for photography. I aim to capture moments that are full of fun and memories. In these group sessions, I will shoot each individual as well as the group. Working with a group is a lot of fun and an experience to remember. 

Family photo sessions

In your family photoshoot, I will work with your group to ensure the best results. I want to capture the joy and love in your family. My aim is to showcase your family through a lens. 

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For more information regarding shoots, visit the BOOK page.

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